Youth Songwriting Competition

1.      The music video must focus on the theme: “Peace in Christ.”

2.      Young men and women (ages 12-18 at the time the entry is submitted) could work together in groups or submit entries as individuals.

3.      Young men and women will compose a song that focuses on theme stated above.   

4.      Song compositions may be submitted in English or other Philippine languages. However, please include English translation.

5.      The length of the song should not exceed three minutes (180 seconds).

6.      The song entries must be submitted in digital video format (mp4 or mov).

7.      All entries should begin with a 10 second full-screen “title screen” that includes the following information:

Unit name (ward and stake)

Names of participants/contributors

Title of music video

Total running time (not including the 10 second title screen)

8.      All information presented in the music video must be original giving credit to sources of quotes or scriptural verses. IF CHOSEN AS A FINALIST, you must submit a list of your sources, properly cited.

9.      Each music video must have one Lead Producer, a member of the team who will serve as the main point of contact. The organizers will contact the lead producer for details and other notifications. Recognition and prizes will be given to the lead producer and all those listed as co-producers on the entry form.

10.   Entries may be submitted through the Area Communications Committee email: on or before October 15, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. The winning entry will be announced on December 15, 2017. Video files may be sent through file delivery systems/programs such as Filesend, Wetransfer, Dropbox, etc. to the email specified above. The video may also be submitted on a DVD and sent to the MPAO.

11.   Copyrighted materials (images, etc.) may be used for this contest so long as the source is cited in the material.

12.   No professional assistance is allowed. Adults may assist or provide guidance with production but are limited to verbal guidance only. Adults are allowed to be actors but not content contributors.

13.   Entrants should keep at least one copy of their music video. The church is not responsible for any films that are lost, damaged, or that were not received properly.

14.   Entries will initially be evaluated based on the following criteria by the board of judges:

Originality and creativity – 25%

Lyrics – 20%

Melody – 20%

Overall impact – 15%

Technical Organization – 20%

15.   IF CHOSEN AS A FINALIST you must submit a signed/completed Parent Permission Form and a signed/completed Talent Release Form for each person appearing in your video. Forms will be sent to your email as soon as you submit the entry form.

16.   The winner will be selected based 50% on judges scores and 50% on the number of likes it has generated on Facebook.

17.   Professional production of the winning composition will be the grand prize.

18.   Other special awards such as best music video will also be given.

19.   Ownership of the underlying intellectual property of the project remains with the entrant, with the following exceptions:

                a. Entrants also grant the church the right to use, reproduce, reprint, distribute, perform, and/or display the entrant’s composition without further compensation or notification to the entrant.

                b. The church maintains the right to reproduce, reprint, distribute, perform, display, or exhibit the project for advertising, publicity, and promotional purposes on their website and other

                    social media accounts, or at any other venues.

20.   Entrants agree to be bound by the official competition rules and decisions of the judges.

Content must comply with the Church’s principles and doctrines.

The judges’ decision is final.

Video does not need to be professionally produced. Can be produced from your computer, webcam, camera phone or other video tool necessary to get your message across.