Seminaries and Institutes of Religion


Institute class


Institute is a safe place where students can find answers to life’s questions while learning from and sharing with others who are in similar circumstances.

The program is open to youths who has turned 18 and has finished high school or the equivalent to young single or married adult aged 18 to 30 years old. They can attend local stake/district institute programs, campus institute programs near where they are attending college or living, or an online institute program that fits their study or working schedules.

Every BYU-Pathway Connect student, whether they have graduated in Institute classes before or not, and if they are below or more than 30 years old, is required to earn a religious course credit by enrolling and participating in Institute program.

Requirements to earn a credit in every course:

  • 75% minimum requirement for attendance
  • At least 75% of the reading assignment read and marked (for Cornerstone courses) while 100% of the reading assignment read and marked (for scripture-based courses)
  • Elevate Learning Experience

Requirements to Graduate in Institute

  • A total of 14 credits are required to graduate with diploma in Institute (8 Cornerstone course credits and 6 elective course credits).
  • Cornerstone courses are the following:
  • Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel
  • Teachings and Doctrines of the Book of Mormon
  • Foundations of the Restoration
  • The Eternal Family

Elective Courses are any other courses offered including scripture-based courses.

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