Saving the Rising Generation

Saving the Rising Generation

We have much to celebrate with the good being accomplished by the rising generation of young men and women in the Philippines. More of them than ever before are serving missions, marrying in the temple and serving in the wards and branches throughout the country. As good as these achievements are, there is still a significant gap between those who are remaining strong and true to their covenants and those who are not. To achieve what The Lord expects of his Saints in the Philippines we must narrow the gap between those who are enjoying the blessings of living the Gospel and those who do not. We know the worth of a soul (D&C 18:10) means the rising generation, their families, the Church auxiliaries and the Priesthood quorums must join together to retain and reclaim the rising generation.

We call upon the rising generation to care for the eternal welfare of their own souls. No member of this generation can abdicate that responsibility to someone else. Each must ensure their eternal salvation by nourishing themselves spiritually which necessitates the making and keeping of covenants and participating in wholesome activities. A disciplined disciple of Christ will make the things that matter most the most important things in life. Daily sincere prayer, scripture reading, attendance at Seminary and Institute, Church attendance, the renewing of covenants and service to others are just a few of the things that matter most. Yes, each member of the rising generation must take responsibility for their spiritual well being by doing the things that matter most.

Nobody is meant to be alone in mortality and so God has ensured that when opposition comes  help is available. The rising generation will find that help in good parents, Priesthood and auxiliary leaders, and helpful friends who share their values. Like all members, they will find that the best help is found on bended knee as they plead for assistance to overcome the troubles and temptations that confront them. They will feel, as I have, the impressions of the Holy Ghost guiding and reassuring them through troubled times.

In the interest of further helping the rising Elder Christofferson made a special plea that 'Adult men--fathers, single adults, leaders, home teachers--be worthy models and help the rising generation of boys become men. Teach them social and other skills: how to participate in a conversation, how to get acquainted and interact with others, how to relate to women and girls, how to serve, how to be active and enjoy recreation, how to pursue hobbies without becoming addicted, how to correct mistakes and make better choices.' Adult men of the Philippines, we ask you to arise to this call by a prophet of God.

He further noted that a 'Woman's moral influence is nowhere more powerfully felt or more beneficially employed than in the home. There is no better setting for rearing the rising generation than the traditional family, where a father and a mother work in harmony to provide for, teach, and nurture their children.' Clearly, a strong LDS home is an important component in raising the rising generation.

We invite all parents and leaders to ensure that in the face of opposition and temptation none of the rising generation is lost and that you join with them in their quest to remain true to their covenants and to rescue their peers who have wandered.