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Frontline Chronicles

Non-medical essential worker finds joy in serving other

Samuel Mabunga delivering water

Whenever we hear the word ‘frontliners,’ we often picture a doctor or a nurse in our minds.

However, not all frontliners wear long white coats, scrubs, or any medical uniform. Those who go door-to-door to deliver basic life necessities are considered frontliners too.

Samuel Mabunga, Quezon City South Stake

Samuel Mabunga from Quezon City South Stake

Brother Samuel Mabunga, of Project 4, Quezon City, has been working at a water station for almost two years now and is in charge of doing refills, pick-ups, and deliveries. Now that an enhanced community quarantine has been implemented and most of the population has to stay home under government orders, delivery services are on high demand.

Water is one of the essentials of life. Everyone needs water to drink for their everyday living,” he said.

As more people depend on Samuel for water, this also means more face-to-face interactions for him. This, according to him, is one of the things he is most worried about.

To be honest, I’ve been very careful at work because I deal with many people every day,” he explained.

To comply with safety measures, he always wears a face mask and a pair of gloves and brings alcohol with him whenever he does deliveries.

I do these so I may not only feel safe with them but also for them to feel safe with me.

Even under certain circumstances, Samuel makes sure that once he receives an order, he delivers it to them in the fastest way possible.

A challenge for me, especially during hot days, is when people order water and I have to deliver it to them right away. Sometimes, even when I’m in the middle of a meal, I still get orders and have to leave immediately.

Nonetheless, Samuel said he enjoys his work. Most importantly, he enjoys serving others.

I really enjoy serving my customers. I love my work and the people I serve,” he exclaimed while also quoting his favorite scriptures found in Mosiah 2:17 which says, “When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.

To carry out his duties amidst a dangerous time, Samuel draws strength from Jesus Christ.

To carry out his duties amidst a dangerous time, Samuel draws strength from Jesus Christ and his family.

I get strength from the Lord and my family,” he said. “I know that the Lord will never forsake me in my work as a deliveryman, especially in a situation like this,” he added.

Samuel also compares his work with missionary work, “What I do may be similar to missionary work. I get to interact with many people every day. Whenever they need water, I’m just here to serve them any time and any day.

For him, the challenges he’s facing today is nothing compared to what the Savior has gone through.

The difficulties I’m experiencing right now are far from what Jesus Christ has suffered.

Moreover, Samuel explained that this experience taught him the importance of prayer, love, patience, and perseverance.

But if there’s one thing he wants people to know and to understand about this situation, it is to remember that “Heavenly Father is watching over us all the time.” He added, “We can talk to him anytime and He will listen to us.

His message to other frontliners?

Let us continue serving others, regardless of the situation. Let us do this with love for everyone, without expecting anything in return.” ◼︎