Latter-day Saints and Marriage: How, Why, and Where

Marriage and family go hand in hand towards the fulfillment of God’s plan for His children. Latter-day Saints look at how couples got married, where the marriage took place and how they live after getting married.  

A newly-wed husband and wife begin a family with their marriage in the temple.

The Importance of Marriage and Family 

For members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or Mormons, marriage between a man and a woman forms the fundamentals of God’s plan for His children. Families serve as the foundation of society and the Church. A model setting for the birth and nurturing of children is provided once the heads of the family, the father, and the mother, are married. 

Since the family is the basic unit of society, then it goes by saying that a happy and healthy family makes the world a better place. Like all of God’s creation, a family will never be as perfect as Him. However, it can be very ideal if it’s consists of a couple who unconditionally supports each other as equal partners and raises their children with love and attention. Family relationships are eternal, even death here on earth cannot stop its continuity in the next life. 

Marriage in the Temple 

It is believed that marriages performed in Latter-day Saint temples can continue after death and will last eternally. Marriage between a man and a woman that is consecrated in the temple creates a covenant with God that both will love and care for each other and follow His commandments. Temple marriage is aptly referred to as sealing because it seals a couple and family together forever. Children of couples who got married in the temple are automatically sealed to their parents for eternity.

In order for the married couple to receive such a blessing, it is essential that husband and wife keep their covenant of love and remain faithful to each other and to God throughout their lives. 

Not anyone can actually marry in the temple, but only men and women who are faithful members of the Church. Marrying a non-member is allowed, however, the marriage ceremony cannot be done in the temple. 

Marriage outside of the Temple 

There are situations that some devoted members of Latter-day Saints were not able to marry in the temple due to some valid reasons like proximity to the temple or local laws which require marriage be performed by the government. The Church understands it and will allow a marriage done by legal authority, but it should be sealed in the temple as soon as possible. 

By following and living God’s commandments, a couple who was married outside the temple can ready themselves for the sealing in the temple. This will also make their children sealed to them.  

Death and Divorce 

Not all marriages last that long, because many unforeseen challenges can get on its way, like the death of one partner, or marriages that eventually end up in separation and divorce. Members of the Latter-day Saints can divorce or marry again, but it can get a little more complicated if one had been married in the temple.  

Extra efforts can be needed, for example, a person who was divorced can marry again in the temple if he is granted permission by Church leaders. Moreover, it may also require the cancellation of the previous sealing. 

A bride and groom smile together on their wedding day after their marriage.

Why Does It Matter? 

Gaining knowledge about how important families are to God gives inspiration and new meaning on how a family should be. Understanding of how to have a family that can last forever can drive partners to letting go of their own personal happiness and instead focus on building relationships anchored on faith in God. It calls for every member of the family to unite and work together towards achieving a family that will last eternally. 

How can I learn more? 

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Risha and Jared

'We believe that marrying in the temple is not easy. Our desires require actions, consistent actions that can lead to making and keeping sacred covenants. Understanding our covenants will also prepare us to understand why we need to marry in the temple. Living our covenants to the Lord makes our marriage more sacred everyday. We can do that by simply reading the scriptures together with our spouse every day, having sincere family prayer and keeping the commandments of the Lord. Love is simple if we keep an eternal eye of faith and He is the center of the relationship.'

Risha and Jared