Church Launches #HEisWithYou Easter Videos


Every year, the Church sponsors an Easter initiative that seeks to focus on Jesus Christ and His Atonement during the Lenten season. Successful campaigns like #HeIsRisen, #PrinceofPeace and #BecauseHeLives received overwhelming response from both members and non-members.

This Easter season, the Philippines Area Presidency chose the theme #HeIsWithYou to remind everyone that the Savior Jesus Christ is always with us. No matter what the circumstances of our lives may be, His presence will sustain us and give us comfort, peace, and gladness even in the face of pain, sorrow and fear.

To help drive home this point, the Church produced three 15-second videos showing how the Lord Jesus Christ can help us through whatever challenge we face. The videos will be released on the official Facebook page and Youtube channel of the Church in the Philippines.

Missing Mommy

The short videos will focus on three main themes that we can all relate to. The first one, Missing Mommy, is about how the Atonement can help you deal with the loss of a loved one, finding gladness despite sorrow because He is with you. The second one is aptly titled Back to School Blues, because it shows how you can have faith instead of fear when He is with you. Finally, Peace Offering depicts how following Christ’s example can help us resolve conflict and find peace in the home.

The videos are produced to cater to a wide range of audiences, but they will share one common theme: Jesus Christ is alive. He is not in the tomb, for He is risen. He is with us. He is with you. And because He is with you, there is joy, peace and love. Because He is with you, there is gladness despite sorrow, there is faith instead of fear, and there is comfort in grief or pain.

Back to School Blues

“We are excited to produce local Church content that feature Filipino talents but still have global appeal,” shares Area Publishing Services Manager Dino Antenorcruz. “This campaign is particularly meaningful because it is initiated by our Area Presidency,” he adds.

It is hoped that the videos will touch the hearts and uplift both members and non-members so they will like, comment and share them on Facebook. The universal nature of the theme and its relatability will make them relevant not just during the Easter season but throughout the year.

Peace Offering