Family Discovery Day

Hearts “turned” during the recently-held Alaminos Philippines District Family Discovery Day activity. This is part of the district’s on-going effort to motivate both members and non-members to do family history.

Alaminos was chosen as one of the three pilot sites of the Discovery Experiences two years ago. This program encourages units to hold events that strengthen the bond between members of different generations, and to help teach people to find information about their family, especially about ancestors whose names they can take to the temple for vicarious ordinances.

Since the launch two years ago, the Alaminos District has been holding these events twice a year. In the latest event last October 15, 2016, members organized an exhibit of memorabilia and other souvenirs from bygone days. Each branch also celebrated the yesteryears with musical presentations which delighted the audience. “I had fun learning and performing songs that were popular before I was born,” admits Jasmine Bugarin, a 13-year old young woman from Alaminos Branch 2. “I also enjoyed learning about how people used to live by looking at the old items on display.” Leaders from neighboring stakes and districts were also in attendance, along with President and Sister Deyro of the Philippines Urdaneta Mission. President Floyd Jardeleza of the Mangaldan Philippines District said “It was my first time to witness an activity like that, it was well-participated and I was very impressed with the exhibit of antique items like old coins and bills. We will hold a similar activity in our district next year.”

Holding Family Discovery Days is just one of the ways the Alaminos District promotes Family History among their members. “Through this and other commendable efforts, Alaminos District consistently leads the Philippines in the percentage of members actively involved in temple and family history work,” says Bro. Felvir Ordinario, the Area Family History Manager. “Theirs is a shining example for everyone to follow.”

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