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The “I Will Go, I Will Serve” campaign is an initiative with the goal of having 4,600 Filipino full-time missionaries serving in the Philippines by December 2022.
Despite the afflictions brought by the Covid-19 virus, my family and I have always felt the tender mercies of the Lord as He continually blesses us every day. This has been a constant reminder for us to serve, at least in our own little way by conducting free Rapid Antigen tests to those who need them the most.
The year 2021 marks 60 years of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Philippines. As we celebrate this 60th year milestone in a tumultuous time of pandemic, we can also find peace as we strive to “hear Him.”
Always on the lookout for opportunities to serve, Sister Raquel Delos Santos, a president of a General Parent-Teacher Association (GPTA) in Mandaluyong, shares her story of organizing a Community Pantry in their area.
The young men and young women of Novaliches Philippines Stake held its own virtual music festival.
A pandemic temple marriage story of Nicole Jay Mulit and Nestly Paoline Mondejar-Mulit.
Brother Franz Liam Arabia, age 25, of Cupang Ward, Balanga stake finds joy in serving his fellowmen.
Central to the teachings in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is to live a life exemplified by Jesus Christ. One of the ways for members to live a Christlike life is to serve God and His children.